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Free Standard Shipping on ALL UK Orders & 30 Day Returns
Free Standard Shipping on ALL UK Orders & 30 Day Returns


We will gladly refund the full payment amount (excluding ‎carriage charges) if you are at all dissatisfied with an item or find it is not suitable for the purpose ‎you bought it for as long as the item is returned in its original condition and unused within 30 days ‎of receipt. Please see the item details for any additional or special conditions regarding returns.
We cannot refund the original outgoing carriage charge and reserve the right to deduct ‎a maximum of 15% handling charge for items that have been ordered in error.

Return carriage ‎charges have to be at the buyer’s expense and items must be sent recorded or secure delivery to ‎enable a full refund.

All items are sold with a thirty-day warranty against manufacturing defects ‎unless otherwise stated in the items description on the main listing. Please note that heating ‎elements, lamps, glassware, circuit boards, digital controllers, rubber seals and consumables are ‎excluded from any warranty.

Any items returned as faulty will need to be supported by a detailed ‎report from a qualified person stating the exact nature of the fault. We will not accept warranty ‎claims for DIY fitting of components by none trained persons. Returned items will be inspected by ‎our own qualified engineers or returned to our supplier for inspection.

Items that have been ‎unpacked and fitted and are not in the original re-saleable condition will be returned to the buyer ‎and no refunds will be given. We reserve the right to offer either a replacement part or a full ‎refund for returned items.

Please contact us before returning any items, we always try to help ‎customers with expert advice and support.