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Free Standard Shipping on ALL UK Orders & 30 Day Returns

Lincoln Marshall Zanolli Blodgett Conveyor DC Speed Controller Board Pizza Oven

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SKU EZ00959
  • Suitable for Many Blodgett, Lincoln, Zanolli & CTX Pizza Ovens
  • 115V or 230V Input
  • Pizza Oven Conveyer Belt Motor Controller
  • Gas & Electric
  • DC Motor Controller Board
  • Description

  • Additional Information

  • Basic Non-feedback DC Speed Control

    For use in applications that do not require closed loop speed control feedback.

    Use with many older Blodgett ovens and Lincolns with Bodine motor

    • 115 V or 230V input
    • Selectable 0-90VDC or 0-130V or 0-180Voutput
    • Motor HP of 1/8 - 2 HP
    • Use with 5k or 10k, 3 terminal potentiometers
    • 1/4 inch (quick connect) terminals
    • Packaged with free unwired 10k single turn potentiometer
    • Use with external fuse - 2A(1/10HP) 3A(1/8HP)
    • (optional) 100V field voltage for older shunt motors like the 30-year-old Lincoln 1000 motor
    • On board adjustments for: Min/Max speed, Acceleration and Current limit.
    • Isolated potentiometer voltage supply
    • Works well with most Blodgett ovens with brushed motor
    • Origin USA (Made in USA) US origin may reduce duties
    • Dimensins: 110mm x 92mm x 40mm

    Sale of this Item is limited to qualified technicians. Instructions includes input fuse selection table. Speed kit includes instructions on how to adjust built-in current limit (torque limit). Circuit is designed to save your conveyor components (including motor) during a stall condition.

    Replacement control for:

    • Bodine 250
    • Blodgett KB KBIC
    • Dart 125DVC-K
    • Js25/PS250 Oven control #28074-0022
    • Rockwell 431-00037

    May be used for many applications including:

    • Conveyors
    • Blodgett 3270
    • Middleby JS250
    • Lincoln conveyor Bodine
    • Bagel machines and Mixers.
    • Zanolli
    • MBM
    • Diamond
    • Moretti
    • OEM
    • Prismafood
    • Caterbake
    • Hobart

    B DC - Basic Motor Speed Control
    1. Install external fuse between AC power and L1 terminal (see Table 1). Fuse both L1 & L2 for 220V use.
    2. Set top board switch to 115 position (120V AC line voltage). Set bottom board switch to 90 position (0-90V out)
    3. Wire per Figure 1 below. F1 and F2 (Field) connections are only for shunt wound motors not permanent magnet motors.
    4. Set board Torque for 150% of motor current rating (see torque trimpot adjust instructions below)
    Safety Warning!
    This product should be installed by a qualified technician, electrician or electrical maintenance person familiar with its operation and
    the hazards involved. Proper installation, which includes wiring, mounting in proper enclosure, fusing or other current protection and
    grounding, can reduce the chance of electric shock, fires or explosion in this product or other products used with this product, such as
    electric motors, switches, coils, solenoids and relays. It is the responsibility of the individual installer to supply appropriate safety warnings to the ultimate user of this

  • Maximum Electrical Rating and Limitation of Use
    · Input Rating: (per 508C-54.1A) 120VAC, 5Amp, single phase, 50 / 60 Hz line voltage
    · Output Rating: (per 508C-54.1b) 0 to 90VDC at maximum average load current of 5 Amp (1/4HP)
    · Overload protection: (per 508c-56.1) Unit is not protected from overload condition. User must provide line fuse.
    · Over Speed Protection: (per 508c-56.1) Device does not provide over-speed protection for failed components within the
    controller device.
    · Catalog number: (per 508C-55.1c) 23001
    · Temperature Rating: (per 508C-55.6) Maximum Surround Air Temperature 45°C /113°F at full rating
    · Wire type (per 508c-60.8) Use Copper Conductors Only. Wire motor and AC input terminals using 14 AWG copper conductors.
    · Wiring Torque (per 508c-60.11) Terminal clamping screws should be tightened to 7 in-LBS
    · Power Source: (per 508C-56.4, 57.2) AC power to the controller must be fused to limit maximum inrush current to3A.
    · Motor Type: Unit is designed for permanent magnet brush type DC motors, or shunt wound motors.
    · Warning: Bonding of chassis ground is not automatic and must be provided as part of installation. End product must be
    grounded with designated wire from chassis to earth ground at electrical box.
    · Enclosure: Unit must be mounted in a protective enclosure where it will not be exposed to contaminants such as water, metal
    chips, solvents or excess vibration. Enclosure should be at least 1-1/2 times size of the drive and comply with UL50 standards.
    · Control Circuit Protection: Device requires external fuse, selected to match the motor and application.
    · Maintenance/Repair (per 508C-6.4.2) Drive unit contains no user serviceable parts.
    Installation Instructions

    Recommended Fuse Sizes (external fuse is required)
    Horsepower Max Armature Current AC Line Fuse Amps

    1/15 HP
    1/8 HP
    1/6 HP
    1/4 HP



    Field Output Connection - Normally Not Used (shunt wound motors only)
    Line Voltage Field Voltage DC Connect Field To
    115 50VDC F1 and L1
    115 100VDC F1 and F2
    Torque Trimpot Adjust
    The torque should be set to 150% of the motor nameplate current rating.
    1. With power disconnected from the drive, connect a DC ammeter in series with the armature.
    2. Set torque trimpot to minimum (full CCW).
    3. Set the external speed adjust potentiometer to maximum speed.
    4. Carefully lock the motor armature. Be sure the motor is firmly mounted.
    5. Apply power. The motor should be stopped
    6. Slowly adjust the Torque trimpot CW until the armature current is 150% of rated motor current.
    7. Turn the external speed adjust potentiometer to minimum speed (fully CCW).
    8. Remove power.
    9. Remove the stall from the motor.
    10. Remove the ammeter in series with the motor.
    Min Spd Trimpot Adjust
    The minimum speed trimpot establishes the motor speed obtained in response to the minimum
    potentiometer adjustment. It is factory adjusted to to zero speed (full CCW). This trimpot may be adjusted
    to allow the motor to turn at a predetermined minimum speed, when the user has adjusted the external
    speed potentiometer to minimum. Warning – Setting this to maximum will result in speed that is not
    adjustable with the external pot.
    Max Spd Trimpot Adjust
    The maximum speed trimpot establishes the motor speed obtained in response to the maximum user
    potentiometer adjustment. It is factory adjusted to maximum speed (fully clockwise). This trimpot may be
    adjusted to limit the motor speed. Warning – Setting this to minimum will result in no output to motor.
    IR Comp Trimpot
    The IR compensation trimpot setting determines the degree to which motor speed is held steady under
    varying loads. If set too low, the motor speed will drop when loaded to 100% of rated load. If set too high,
    the motor speed will oscillate. IR Comp is factory set for optimum motor regulation and should not be
    ACCEL Trimpot
    The acceleration setting determines the time the motor takes to ramp to a higher speed. Turning the
    trimpot CW will decrease acceleration and CCW will increase acceleration. The ACCEL trimpot is factory
    adjusted for maximum acceleration (full CCW).
    DECEL Trimpot
    The deceleration setting determines the time the motor takes to ramp down to a slower speed. The
    deceleration trimpot is factory set to the fastest deceleration time (full CCW).

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