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Free Standard Shipping on ALL UK Orders & 30 Day Returns

LINCAT Genuine Orange Indicator Light 230v Lamp for Various Appliances

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SKU EZ00654 - C1N1
  • Original part.
  • Head ø 15 mm.
  • Hole ø 13 mm.
  • 120°C, 230v.
  • Faston M 6.3x0.8 mm.
  • Description

  • Additional Information

  • This LINCAT Orange indicator light is an original item fits different machines and models, it’s very light and ready to fit. Please check your machine from the list below.

    Compatible with LINCAT:




    LPC, LSC, LGT (PRE-27027004)

    Griddles & Grills

    LGG, LGG/R, LGG2/R, LGG2/S (Discontinued July 2007) LGR, LGR2 (POST 27029881)

    Contact Grill

    GG1 (PRE-28024445)


    LPC, LSC, LGT (PRE-27027004)

    Boiling Tops

    LBR, LBR2 (POST 1997-27021238)

    Towel Warmer

    TW1 (Discontinued July 2007)

    Pasta Boiler

    LPB (PRE-27003574)

    Convection Ovens

    ECO7 (POST OCT 2000-PRE-OCT 2003)

    Conveyor Toaster, Slot Toasters

    CT10 (TYPE A001 & A002)

    Mobile Hot cupboards

    GM2, GM3, GBM2A/B/C, GBM3A/B/C

    Static Hot Cupboards

    GB2, GX2, GB3, GX3, G1/A

    Heated Displays

    SHM, SHM2, LHM, LHM2

    Pizza Ovens

    LPO (PRE-27031335), PO69X, PO425, PO425-2, PO430, PO430-2, PO630, PO630-2

    Pizza Merchandisers

    PM312, PM318, PM312/D, PM318/D

    Food Warming Drawers

    FWD (Discontinued) FWDG


    DF33, DF36, DF39, DF46, DF49, DF66, DF612, DF618, DF69ST, DF612ST, J6, J9, J12, J18 (PRE-23037530)

    Chip Scuttles

    CS4, CS6 (PRE-23036763)


    GR3 (PRE-23042445)


    GS3, GS4, GS6, GS65, GS6/T, GS7, GS3C, GS4C, GS6C, GS6C/T, GS7C, GS9 (PRE-23038167)

    Boiling Tops

    HT3, HT6, HT7 (PRE-23037175)

    Bain Marie

    BS3, BA3, BM3, BS3/G, BA4, BS4, BM4, BS6, BM6, BA7, BS7, BM7, BS3W, BM3W, BS4W, BM4W, BS6W, BM6W, BS7W, BM7W, BM7X, BM7XW (PRE 23040484


    V6/D, V6/F, V6, V6/F/D, V7/4, V7 (PRE-23035138)

    Pasta Boiler

    PB33, PB66 (PRE-23043810)

    Fryer / Chip Scuttle

    LSF, LDF, LDF2, LFF, LCS (POST 1997-PRE 27027060)


    Technical Details:

    • 120°C.
    • Hole ø 13mm.
    • Head ø 15mm.
    • Faston M 6.3x0.8 mm.
  • SKU EZ00654 - C1N1
    BARCODE 0610922170615
    BRAND Lincat
    MPN NE37
    UNIT TYPE Unit
    WEIGHT 10 g